Gregor Reid with the Tukwamuane Yogurt mamas in Mwanza, Tanzania outside their community kitchen

Our Mission

To advance scientific excellence in probiotics and prebiotics

ISAPP observes World Digestive Health Day, May 29, 2014. ISAPP collaborated with the World Gastroenterology Organisation to prepare educational materials, including guidelines on choosing a probiotic and prebiotic, the WGO Handbook on Gut Microbes and informative videos. Go to educational materials.


ISAPP Activities



May 19-21, 2015

ISAPP 2015 Annual Meeting will be held on the Georgetown University campus, Washington DC. This meeting is by-invitation, but limited registration to certain sessions will be possible for regulatory, academic and legal professionals in the DC area. More information.

Colin Hill (ISAPP President 2011-2014)

Professor Colin Hill, President of ISAPP (2012-2015)

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